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Roof Repair Services at your threshold

A leaky roof will drive your electricity bills up. We at CL Construction Services, LLC want to save our clients from this heavy load of extra bills, this is why we have come up with lots of different kinds of roofing options that you can choose and get them installed at extremely reasonable rates. We want our customers not to hesitate when they have a problem and let us be the first choice for their solution.

Asphalt Roof Specialists

Asphalt is hands down the best material that can be used for the roofing. It is cost-effective, stylish, has multiple colors, styles, and patterns. It is also highly insulating and very durable. So, once you have your roof remodeling with asphalt, you can pretty much forget ever having to redo it. It has a high demand due to its high durability against; wind, fire, hail and is highly reflective, reducing heating of the houses in summers. Asphalt singles are mainly made up of two types of materials, fiberglass and organic, which are felt or jute. Now, Asphalt roof installation is available for our clients by CL Construction Services, LLC.

Asphalt Roofing
Roof Shingle

Roof Shingle- The New Trend

Roof shingles, the original design was of multiple slates that were put on the wall in an overlapping manner. They were made of many materials, some examples being wood, plastic, cement, and many more. There are many ways of putting on roof shingles; some need a solid base; some do not; they are usually set up in the design locally in trend. CL Construction Services, LLC is now providing the installation and repair services of Roof Shingle, which will turn your flat roof into a shingle roof and save you a lot of extra money and cleaning time. Shingle roofs also give you a storage area. We do this service at an amazing price and quality.

Rubber Roof- Rare like the Name

Newly coming to trend, it’s a good choice if you have good money to put because it is more expensive than asphalt, but due to good reason, it has a longer life than asphalt and is also fireproof. It is very environmentally friendly because it is synthetic so no animal or plant is harmed and secondly it has a long life and can be easily used, reducing pollution. So, if you are looking for one-time work, then rubber material is what you should use. We have trained and professional workers to install rubber roofs, and we also provide customized roofing solutions.

Rubber Roof CL Construction
Flat Roof CL Construction

Flat Roof- A Trend of Non-rainy Climate Areas

This style is native to Egyptian, Arabian, and Persian architecture but is also common if you live in a non-rainy area, then it will be best to have a flat roof, as it is not only trendy in non-rainy areas, but it is also very cheap to build due to its easily found materials, mainly concrete. This design is the most wanted by commercial buildings. Nowadays, there have been many developments to the flat roof style; some of these examples include rooftop farming and green roofs. These roofs are now being installed by the professional workers of CL Construction services LLC and at amazingly great prices. Also, it has a year-long warranty.

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